Doulton Lambeth

Height - 2 ins.

Date - c1920s. 

Condition - Perfect.Fully marked to base.

Price - £

 A Rare Royal Doulton Stoneware Bibelot mouse ring stand.

Height - 4 ins.

Date - c1920s. 

Condition -Restored

Price - £625

A small Doulton Chang bowl decorated with thick layers of running glazes and coloured in a mix of white,red,green and blue . 

Height - 5cms - Width - 8 1/2cms.  

Date - c1920s. 

Condition - Perfect.Fully marked to base - Chang Noke and with monogram for Harry Nixon.



 A Royal Doulton brown saltglaze stoneware lizard. 

Length - just over 4 1/2ins. 

Date - c1910-20. 

Condition - Perfect.Fully marked to base.

Price - £395.

An exceptionally rare saltglazed stoneware figure of a monk reading a prayer book by A.G.Hopkins Lambeth. Coloured in an overall speckled light brown glaze - marked to base HOPKINS LAMBETH.

Height - 7 ins. 

Date - c1920s. 

Condition - Well repaired crack to centre of body.  

Price - £550

A Doulton Lambeth saltglaze stoneware jug by Arthur Barlow decorated with a design of scrolling foliage and white beads/stylised flower heads.

Height - 9 1/2ins.

Date - Earliest Doulton Lambeth mark c 1870.

Condition - Good - minor professional restoration to top rim.Glaze residue blemish to body.

Price - £290

A Doulton Lambeth four sided vase by Mark Marshall decorated with a free flowing Art Nouveau design of etched swirls and plants.

Height - 9ins.

Date - c1900. 

Condition - v minor nick under base rim.

Price - £540. 

A superb Doulton Lambeth saltglaze stoneware vase by Mark V Marshall - the swollen body on pedestal foot with everted neck.Decorated in the Art Nouveau style using a series of bold swirls - coloured orange and blue.

Height - 14ins.

Condition - Perfect. 

Price - £800.



 A superb pair of Royal Doulton Lambeth vases with bird panels decorated by Florence Barlow.

Height - 14ins. 

Date - c1910.

Condition - Both perfect.

Price - £1800.





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