A large Brampton saltglaze stoneware 3 handled tyg - greyhound handles and 3 different decorated panels.Victoria and Albert - Royal coat of arms - Knight on horseback.

Height - 6ins - Diameter - 6ins excluding handles.

Date - c1840. 

Condition - Essentially,perfect.V small professional restoration to a chip on top rim.Invisible to naked eye.

Price - £545. 

 A superb quality,large size Brampton saltglaze stoneware mug/tankard - the body decorated with a picture of The Kill and coloured with a glowing honey glaze.Brown dip to the upper rim - greyhound handle. 

Height - 5 1/4ins - Diameter - 7 1/4ins to tip of handle. 

Date - c1840.

Condition - Perfect. 

Price - £145.

 A rare Brampton saltglaze stoneware tobacco jar with candlestick lid. Beautiful honey glaze - the base is decorated with topers,a windmill and a tree and has dog head handles to each side.

Height - 4 1/2ins.

Date - c1840-50

Condition - Damaged,seek condition report. 

Price - £230.


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